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Our understanding of the dynamics of the SEE/CEE economies, our long track record in investing and/or turning around assets in such environments and our presence on the ground coupled by our extensive network of local experts is at the root of SECURE Management ‘s approach to the Region.

A hands-on-management approach to all aspects of the real estate business, led by our in-house local champions in close co-operation with third party service providers and our partners is set to create value throughout extensive research and analyses, asset management and/or development processes. With strict corporate governance rules, the company is guided by strong risk minimization and cost control practices, extensive and tested management procedures as well as frequent and detailed reporting schedules.

Our emphasis on risk management is anchored in rigorous market research and analysis as well as thorough preparation and supervision of client business via legal & technical KYC due diligence, as well as continuous project evaluation. The use of our extensive network of privileged relationship ensures confidentiality and avoids / exposes any conflicts of interest between clients’ interests. We align own interests with clients to ensure no CoI creates management biases, while we try to ensure that our clients’ interests are also aligned with their project partners, including underwriting banks, and service providers ring-fencing from various project CoI risks and phasing large projects, to mitigate market risk

SECURE Management recognizes its responsibilities to stakeholders including staff, suppliers, customers and the community within which it operates. As we operate in a number of countries of South Eastern Europe, the Company makes it a priority to prioritize ESG practices and to integrate to the local communities where its property advisory projects are located.

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