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Country Overview
  • Continuing population migration to the capital of Kyiv
  • Five cities with population > 1mil and dynamic residential market
  • Standard of living in major western located cities were increasing with rapid pace before the war
  • Mortgage market still not fully developed but picking up pace quickly. Banking market undergoing fast consolidation, but currently under strain
  • Considerably high selling prices for luxury housing in Kyiv, traditionally attracting the established wealthy section of the population
  • Market is overshadowed by war – economy supported by allies and EU/NATO memberships are ever closer

45 mil

-30 %

25 %

10.6 %

N/A %

Market Overview

Year end 22

Headline rent/ sqm Prime Yield
Office Ν/Α Ν/Α
Retail Ν/Α Ν/Α
Logistics Ν/Α Ν/Α
Resi 4.0-12.25%
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