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SECURE Management is a property advisory and asset management company with experience in various sectors of the Real Estate Market in South East Europe, including property and project development, asset management, (corporate and property) distress management, property management and commercialization.

With proven international experience from challenging real estate markets, SECURE Management delivers effective results, aiming not only to retain values even during turbulent times, but mainly to appreciate capital values in the medium run and prepare real estate assets or portfolios for successful disposal to suitable investment parties.

SECURE Management’s local presence combined with an extensive international network of expert advisors, generates a constant stream of opportunities which are continuously evaluated, negotiated, structured and managed in order to enhance capital returns and to mitigate associated risks.

The SECURE Management Group has offices in Cyprus, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Ukraine. At the same time the company uses an extensive network of close service providers with extensive expertise in the South East Europe property sector.

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