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Delea Nuova

Bucharest, Romania

Type of Project: Office / Commercial

SECURE Management, Asset Manager
Investor: SPDI, Arcona Property Fund NV

  • The 12,000m2 GBA (2 Basements, Ground, 10 Above Ground) Delea Nuova office building features class-A construction quality, and with its privileged location offers prime office accommodation
  • The building is situated on a plot of 1,200m2 with frontage on three streets, namely Calea Calarasilor, Delea Noua and Matei Basarab, and only 300m from a metro station
  • The building is fully rented with ANCOM (the Romanian National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology) accounting for 70% of the building’s GLA
  • SEC Mgmt got involved during and helped settle a restitution claim to the benefit of the equity holders, securing at the same time a preferential loan from the previous owner (CEC bank)
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