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Green Lake

Bucharest, Romania

Type of Project: Residential

SECURE Management, GP
Investor: SECURE Investments

  • Developed on the banks of Grivita Lake, in North Bucharest
  • GBA over 120,000m2, ~ 620 housing units (apartments and villas)
  • Development in 3 phases
  • Phase 1 (GBA of ~35.000m2) completed and sold. It includes 39 villas and 118 apartments
  • Royal Oak school operating on the premises is expanding with a 7,000 GBA new building in Phase 2
  • SEC Mgmt assisted with development, took the project through an insolvency process together with the lending bank and manages the asset since 2008 protecting possible value destruction from complications stemming from continuous changes in equity ownership
  • SEC Mgmt managed to sell on behalf f the equity holders a large part of Stage 2 land together with the property loan to local developer Primavera in 2022
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